Weight loss supplements to help me lose 30 lbs


Ladies and gentlemen, I am ready to get off the weight loss roller coaster…..In other posts I have mentioned that I need to lose another 30 lbs (after already losing about 53 over the course of a year). This last stretch is absolutely the hardest and slowest. I am dying to be in maintenance mode and for the rest of my life not be trying to lose weight. I have spent the past 30 years working on this and it’s getting old. I just need these last 30 lbs off and although I know it is still work to maintain the new weight, I will be so happy to be there. So in addition to my lowish carb diet, fasting and regular workout routine, I set out to find things that might help. This is what I found and these are the weight loss supplements I am taking or plan to take to try to get these last 30 lbs off!

Disclaimer/disclosure: Before I start telling you about the weight loss supplements I have taken, am taking or are planning to take, let me disclose everything I can think of so that I do not run afoul of any truth in advertising regulations. I am not allowed to just say whatever I wish on the internet… well, sure I can, but it can cause trouble. Although I have not been contacted or have been in contact with any manufacturers of the products described, since I speak about their products whether it be positively or negatively it may be perceived to be an endorsement or advertisement even though I do not endorse them. I’m actually just a girl who is looking to try supplements and wants to share both positive and negative experiences, but there are so many rules and regulations about doing so. So just to be clear, I did not receive any product free and I am not representing anyone. I don’t recommend any product. I just want to tell you about my experience using the product to aid you in your own research of the product – I recommend you do plenty of research before buying any product! I am providing affiliate links to the products and others for your convenience and I may receive a small fee if you purchase a product using those links, which helps me pay for the domain and hosting fees for the site. But I really just want to write about and share my experiences with the products that make life easier! Finally, please, please check with your doctor before taking any supplements! The information below is not a substitute for medical advice!

Green Tea

Green Tea appears to be highly regarded for increasing the metabolism. I try to drink it everyday by combining 4 tea bags with my black tea in my iced tea mixture. Still, this is not nearly enough as I would have to drink the entire two gallons of iced tea alone as it is said you need to drink about 4 cups of green tea a day to see a benefit. So when I can I supplement with green tea bags in a single cup of hot tea… but I am not one who can drink a ton of liquids, so I think a green tea supplement is a good idea for me.


I just ordered this after reading studies about cayenne’s effectiveness at raising the metabolism. I eat cayenne pepper on just about everything that it will be tasty on but the supplements will probably be more intense. To lose this last 30 lbs I am going to need some increased thermogenesis and I am hoping cayenne will help. I am sure it won’t have me burning an additional 500 calories a day or anything, but even if it helped me burn an extra 50 that adds up over time!

I have ordered this supplement which contains both Green Tea Extract and Cayenne:

A scale I am totally crushing on and want for Christmas – to tell me how much of my weight loss is fat!

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Seabuckthorn Oil

This one almost didn’t make the list. There was a promising study featured on the Dr. Oz show a while back showing a skinny mouse and a fat mouse and the difference was Seabuckthorn Oil. There was a subsequent study that followed that provided lackluster results. The study, while disappointing in the extent of weight loss results, noted that the substance seemed effective at reducing blood pressure. Since hubby has high blood pressure but does not tolerate the prescribed blood pressure well he is going to give it a try too. Additionally, if the mouse study applies to humans in any way, Seabuckthorn Oil theoretically could dampen the appetite, improve blood glucose/insulin levels and help the body resist storing fat. To be clear I haven’t seen many personal reviews out there on the internet that back this up. I have seen, however, an overwhelming amount of people that say the substance has improved their skin in a number of ways, from wrinkles to acne. It seems from the reviews I have seen that people who suffer from dry eyes and dry skin benefit the most. So despite the lack of verifiable evidence that it promotes weight loss I have decided to give it a try since there may be other benefits. This is what I am going to try:

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Another weight loss supplement I have found that seems to be highly regarded is CLA. CLA is found in oils and is reported to help achieve an extra pound or two of weight loss per month. That doesn’t seem like a lot but the pound or two is supposedly pure fat – and I know what a pound or two of pure fat looks like! I took them frequently when I was losing weight earlier in the year but got off track. I will be taking them again. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell whether it helps or not since the purported results are not dramatic. This is the CLA I take:

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Now this is one supplement I can attest to when it comes to helping with my weight loss. I initially began to take it as recommended by someone to help my skin deal with the sudden loss of weight. I can’t say for certain that I have seen any benefit in that area but one thing I did notice is that on the days I mixed in collagen with my yogurt something interesting happened the next day. I woke up earlier, more alert and had less appetite and more energy during that day. The difference was so perceptible that it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was happening the day after I ate the yogurt with collagen. I’m not sure what would make this happen and I don’t think this is a benefit advertised by the manufacturer or that I have heard anyone else speak of. The most common benefit I see reported in the reviews are for joints, hair, skin and nails. The collagen is loaded with amino acids and though it says on the container that it may help dampen the appetite if taken before meals (maybe due to the protein content?) I can’t really explain the energy boost. I wonder if it helps me sleep better and thus the positive effects roll on throughout the next day? Or perhaps amino acids just really boost energy and reduce the appetite? Whatever it is, I like it and am going to continue using it. People also claim that it helps with acne and other skin and hair issues. Bonus! The only drawback is that while it dissolves fairly well in the yogurt, it can get a little clumpy. Some people report a weird taste or odor and others no odor or taste. I fall into the no odor/taste camp. If there was one, I’d be sure to detect it and wouldn’t be able to take it if my life depended on it! Below is a link to the collagen I use:

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Of course I know that first and foremost, losing weight doesn’t happen without both diet AND exercise, at least not the home stretch pounds…! So I can’t say that I’ll be able to tell you by the time this 30 lbs is gone whether one thing worked or didn’t work except for those squats, the fasting and the lowish carb meals. I just know these last 30 lbs have to come off! I will report back if anything of significance happens that I can pin down to a specific supplement!

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Weight loss supplements to help me lose 30 lbs

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