Weekly Menu #2


I know I haven’t posted a menu in a long time.  It has been one of those period of times where there have been a lot of eating out socially, some fasting days thrown in, lots of leftovers and eating on the run.  But things have settled down so I here is what I am doing this week.

Day 1: Blacked salmon and artichoke / avocado saladpicsart_10-07-09-14-30

Day 2: Pot roast with vegetables and cauliflower mock mashed potatoes


Day 3: Taco Bell inspired, lower carb burrito supremes

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Day 4: Leftovers

Day 5: Breakfast burritos and protein smoothies (low carb style)

Day 6: Low carb personal pita pizzas

lower carb pizza
Lowish carb personal pizza

Day 7: Shepherd’s pie (low carb)

Weekly Menu
Low carb Shepherd’s Pie

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