Update on Fascia Blaster – Part 3


So it has been almost 3 months since I have had the fascia blaster.  Sorry to disappoint…. I wish I could say that I have seen amazing results with my cellulite, but I have not.  While my skin initially seemed tighter, it has since taken on a crepey appearance on my legs and arms that I am not fond of.  My belly has shrunk, but I attribute that to losing a few pounds with intermittent fasting, which has helped me to lose over 50 lbs so far.

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A couple of things I have discovered, however:

  • Thinner women appear to get faster, better results (based on my perception of publicly available before and after photos). Then again, some women’s cellulite, even that of a skinny woman, just seems stubborn, and won’t go away.  I still have at least 30 pounds of fat to lose.  It may be that the cellulite will not budge until some of that fat is gone.
  • The fascia blaster has other uses. I use it on my face to lessen the appearance of deep lines, it helps to move edema that is stuck in my legs, it helped lessen pain for my formerly painful-to-the-touch legs, used on my belly it helped reduce my appetite and I am slightly embarrassed to admit that using the fascia blaster somehow helped to increase my libido (this alone is worth it).  Not only have I experienced  all of the aforementioned benefits, but have heard of other (but not all) ladies who have also experienced these benefits.  Obviously I have not performed a scientific study of the device and everyone’s experience may vary.
  • Some women swear by the fascia blaster and insist it works to remove cellulite and actually “pop” fat cells. I have seen many women post photos of shrinking bellies, and even the little hangy flap from pregnancy disappeared!
  • It is a workout and I am convinced it burns calories!!!
  • I used it with coconut oil and it is amazing. My hubby has been amazed how soft my skin has been lately.
  • Some of the fascia blasters were defective and broke easily. I am told this has been addressed by the manufacturer and I had one replaced quickly and easily, no questions asked. (Update 9/16: It has been some time since I ordered the fascia blaster, I do not know whether there are any current issues with breaking.)

Am I giving up on the fascia blaster? NO.  The fascia blaster has a 90-day money-back guarantee, but I do not want to return it. I will continue to use it and hope to post back by the end of the year once and for all my conclusions whether it works, or not.

Indulge in chicken tacos without all the carbs!
Final thoughts on the fascia blaster.
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The owner of www.myfreshnewlife.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to www.amazon.com. I may earn a small commission for my link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in maintaining this website. Thank you for your support!



  1. Thank you for posting & being REAL!!! I just ordered mine. I’m 5’2, 140 lbs, curvy but not overweight with a lot of cellulite unfortunately :/ I’m 34 & will let you know how my journey goes!!!

    • Hi Jessie, I’d love to hear your experience! I hope that you have better luck with cellulite reduction. As for me, I am not giving up, especially since I have more weight to lose. Losing over 50 lbs has made everything a little looser than before and it may take time for things to tighten up! Good luck!

    • I have not seen a drastic improvement in my cellulite….but I can tell it’s changing slightly due to what I can feel when I touch the backs of my legs. But lighting in my house isn’t good and just like others state…some photos it looks like I don’t have any…but it’s seriously just the light. But I can feel two particular areas smoothing out so far after 5 weeks. And the best part? I have only lost 2 pounds since I started blasting but can wear a size smaller pants. So even though my photos kinda suck with lighting….wearing smaller clothes and physically “feeling” less lumps….although many still remain!….I think is a WIN for the Fascia Blaster. I plan to keep using it and hope to continue to see results! Oh yeah…the one other thing I noticed is my saggy knees have tighened/become less saggy! But you never know what anyone’s “issues” are. Was I holding water weird that made them look like that and the fascia blaster helps with that? Who knows. I think it’s def. worth trying though!

        • I will look for it. I am down 2.4 pounds in the last 7 days. My goal is 2 pounds each week. I am back on my 1 mile jog 5 days a week and Barre class 1 day a week. I am on the Jenny Craig plan as well. I have a pear shape and am 55. I want to blast at the right time. The big C has taken over my lower body to the max! I want change! Wish me luck!

          • Good luck! Congrats on your weight loss! I keep losing 2 or 3 lbs over the course of the week, then gaining it back in a day. It is a struggle.

  2. Wow I love hearing about women who stick it our for the long haul, determined to take it one day and one victory at a time! Thank you for sharing. I wonder if it will help my recovery? I’d love to try it for cellulite, but mainly I need something that will help my recovery after I weight lift. I’m sore for days to the point of cringing at times. And otherwise, I’m always having neck and shoulder pain no matter what I’m doing it seems.

    • Hi Chelsey. I’m not sure if it helps muscle recovery or not. Initially I was blasting after lifting weights (had to take a long break on the weights for my back thanks to a particular bad set of dead lifts) and I can say that whether it does anything for muscle recovery or not, you will probably will feel achy and hurting after blasting. The pain, for me, comes hours after. The first night I blasted I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I had been hit by a truck! Now if you do it every day or at least every other day the soreness lessens.

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  5. Yes ! My one complaint is the crepy skin afterwards! Not sure why ? I don’t know if it means I have to go longer and longer ( thought I did go long enough already ) or did it open up a Pandora’s box. I always loved my arms but saw a video Ashley posted indicating that you can do your arms to even make them tighter so I figured heck why not go for even MORE super tight arms and yuck they ended up looking like cottage cheese crepy grossness and here they looked fine before. Ugh .
    I do like it thought it’s a great massage tool for my back and I do like to use it on my boyfriend. But WHY the crepy skin after ??? I use coconut oil so I am fully moisturized. Has anyone experienced this and then finally have it go away?

    • Hi Nicole, I would like to know too! I kind of feel like my skin looked firmer at first, but now it has aged a few years!?

    • I have to say that just the mention of possibly getting “creepy skin” after using the fascia blaster has scared me into NOT trying it! I’d rather put up with cellulite that looks not great than have creepy skin that looks even worse!

      • Yeah, I have to admit that it does look like my legs have aged far beyond what they should look like. Although I am happy that the pain in my legs is gone, to still have just as much cellulite and now the skin on my legs looking 20 years older than it should, it is a no-go and I will probably discontinue use. However, to be fair, I have only heard of two ladies who have had the same complaint, and I have had a decent amount of weight loss prior to using that may one factor. 🙁

        • I have read that it gets worse before it gets better. I have only been using 3 days. Go to the fasia blaster page in Facebook, it explains getting worse before better. I am just bruised!! The pics on that page are amazing! I am just wanting to remove belly fat and get rid of creepy skin! sure hope it works

    • Maybe all the toxins being released into your skin from breaking up the cellulite? Try drinking a ton of water afterwards to help flush the toxins out and maybe doing a detox on top of that.

  6. All that pulling and tugging during blasting seems to be rough to the very top of the skin, causing the aging, wrinkling, and crepey… you could try a really good exfoliating scrub or bar in between blasting sessions, and follow with coconut oil, could help…

  7. Thank you for your honest review. I am 47 y.o, 5’2″ and as of yearly physical two weeks ago told my bmi is toward the lower end of “normal,” unchanged from the previous year.

    That said, my upper body has always been much smaller than lower — small waist and big saddlebags — if pants fit over thighs, they gap hugely at the waist. I have defined arms and “abs,” and “pudgy” knees and nonexistent calves. I eat according to hunger and fullness with variety — plenty of fresh fruit and veg from our garden — love water. I move with dance, hula hoop, pilates, and walking my dogs.

    All that said, I decided to try the fascia blaster to relieve pain and tightness, having already regularly relied on the foam roller and lacrosse balls. It ended up costing over $100 with tax and shipping. From the very first session in July, my chronic calf, hip, and shoulder pain are nearly nonexistent. Not something I’ve experienced through thousands of dollars out of pocket for physical therapy, massage, etc. So well worth it on that front.

    HOWEVER, once I saw that it is supposed to work for lumps and bumps and “cellulite” (I don’t have Facebook, but I’ve seen photos on the public instagram pages for which one doesn’t need an account), I really really wanted to see a change there too!

    My legs bruised like hell after my first session — deep dark painful bruises, which lasted three full weeks! My upper body did not bruise, except very slighly on the backs of my upper arms.

    The next time I bruised a bit less and they lasted “only” two weeks. I’ve blasted at least two more times (maybe three?) since then and the bruises continue to last approximately two weeks before I can go again (I thnk the least amount of time I waited was 12 days and it hurt worse than usual to blast the areas with very faint bruising, so I now I wait til they are completely gone.

    I use coconut oil and to make it more time manageable, I now blast in “sections” on different days — about 45 minutes for one leg, hip and butt cheek — so 90 minutes total for lower body. Only about 30-45 minutes for the entire upper body though. This is doable since it’s only every two weeks!

    ZERO change in appearance! Still as lumpy, bumpy, and saggy in the lower body as ever! Pants are tighter for the first week after each lower body blasting and I attribute that to swelling and inflammation.

    But I keep coming back for more, hoping beyond hope that the next time the bruises fade they will reveal smooth legs! Deep down, I know that this is a pipe dream. The photos I see all look like bs. I too can look like ghose before and afters by raising my arms higher on the after pic or sticking my butt out to create a sway back (from the back it looks like the butt is smoother and lifted, from the front it creates thigh gap — but you can’t tell that I’m sticking my butt out unless I’m turned to the side). Different lighting. Heck, i look more or less dimpled depending on which way I look at myself in the mirror!

    Most of the photos I see where AB is saying, “This is so amazing!” I would bet are due to lighting, angle, dry skin vs lotion or oil, pre vs post blast inflammation/swelling that creates the temporary illusion of less dimpling . . . and for those showing “incredible” longer term results, diet and exercise in combo with the blaster.

    Okay. Enough out of me! I LOVE the blaster for relieving tightness and pain. For “cellulite” lumps and bumps? I give it two thumbs down. Don’t waste your money if you’re looking for a miracle. If it relieves pain for you to the point that you can incorporate more movement into your life, I think that’s going to be the ticket. Blasting alone, I really don’t believe her spot reducing theories in that regard (although I want to!).

    • Great review. You sound similar to me in both how your weight is carried and my experience with the blaster. I agree that it does work wonders when it comes to certain painful conditions and that some of the before and after photos appear different due solely to lighting and angles. And yet there have been other before and after photos that I don’t really see improvement at all. I would love more than anything to say my cellulite was gone or even better, but at least it was worth buying it for the pain reduction in my legs. Not sure what I had whether it was fibromyalgia or just general inflammation but it is gone now! For cellulite I think probably the best thing I have done to minimize somewhat was to lift heavy (for me) while doing squats. It seems to round out the whole backside area in general!

    • Right! The different posture alone makes a huge difference in shape and even appearance of cellulite. If I stick out my booty and arch my back the cellulite diminishes and a little thigh gap appears. And well, the thong panties make a bottom appear more rounded! I’ve taken before pics in different lighting and in some you can’t even tell there is any cellulite where in others it is dramatically different! Like you said, I could take photos minutes apart using some techniques and look skinnier and with less cellulite!

  8. Could you direct me to the pictures that made you buy it in the first place? Like do you know where to find the specific pictures that you think were well-documented enough to see objective change (same lighting, pose, etc.)? That would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Sarah. You have to join the FasciaBlaster facebook group in order to see those photos as it is a closed group and the pictures are not shared outside of the group. Keep in mind however, that for many of the photos shared in that group I did not see any measurable difference at all or I felt the reduction in cellulite could be attributed to differences in pose/lighting/etc. in the “after” picture. There were some that appeared to be well-documented and showed a fairly substantial amount of improvement – but I spent hours digging through the posts to find them.

  9. I know first hand that Fascia therapy Does in fact work as my physical therapist has done this on my back for severe scar tissue from a broken back & 4 surgeries years ago (1983). I’m thinking about purchasing this product so I can do it at home and of course hoping for other results mentioned in the above comments. My question is this, does it matter which blaster you purchase? Does it have to be Ashley Black’s or can it be a less expensive one on Amazon?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Cathy. I’m not sure as I have only tried the FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black. It does do something over scar tissue. I do notice that it feels different when it goes over the scar tissue on a scar on my leg, or over my tattoo. But the scar is still there. I have looked at the reviews on Amazon for the cheaper fascia rollers but I am afraid only someone who has used both could tell.

      • Okay, thank you so much for your reply! I know it won’t get rid of my scars, but I’m hoping it will work on my deep scar tissue that my therapist works on with her magic hands.

  10. I’d like to add to this, I’m slim but have struggled with cellulite when I haven’t been mindful with my diet. I have been reading loads of so called reviews about the fascia blaster and really wanted it to be amazing, but I’m not buying it. I now try to drink, at the least, 2 litres of water a day, try to avoid sugar and fat as much as possible and curing out caffeine and I can honestly say this is the best thing you can do for yourself. A ketogenic diet as an excellent diet to follow for a better more healthy you! Please give up on these fads ladies and put more work into loving yourself and your body, your health will thank you for it. P.s I don’t work out either due to slipped disc and lower back and degenerated joints which I’m told my my spinal surgeon will never get better.
    So you are what you eat is the bottom line. Also a better mindful diets improves the look and feel of your skin all over your body. I’m 43 and look younger now than I did in my thirties.
    3 to 4 cups of veg and around 2 cups of fruit a day, cut out bad fats only eating good fats, and you will put your health in optimisation ☺

    • Hi Jayne!

      I agree with you regarding eating healthier & cleaner as I am doing the same along with daily exercise, and you’re right it does make you look and feel younger and at 58 I can use all the help I can get! Lol As far as your not being able to exercise, what have you tried? There are so many different programs out there to try that are low impact & low intensity….I fractured and dislocated my back (T12 L1) in an auto accident years ago and have undergone 4 surgeries. I have had pain and problems with my back ever since my accident (1983) but refuse to let that get in my way of doing the things that I love! I may not be able to do them the way I used to, so I modify a lot and take breaks throughout the day or when needed. I do have a physical therapist that I love and she does myofascial treatment on me that actually works! I was just hoping that the fascia blaster would work for me as well so I don’t have to drive an hour both ways for therapy. Of course I was hoping it would work for cellulite as well, and according to a very good friend of mine who does eat healthy and works out, it DOES work! In fact I just saw her over the weekend and she does look great!

      Take care of yourself!

    • There are many factors that play a part of keeping the body, soul, and spirit healthy. Your soul is made up of your mind, will, and emotions. What you think, say, and do effects your cells and that in turn effects your health since you are made up of trillions of cells. Eating right and exercising helps your body inside and out and for your spirit …forgiving, helping others, working on not letting your feelings govern your life, getting your mind off of you and onto helping other people will do wonders for you. If you are a bible reader….. just like football has a play book and you study the strategy of your opponent… the bible is a playbook on life with great advice on how to live and to recognize the opponents strategies to destroy you. I have purchased this fascia blaster and plan to use it with caution, but milking toxins out of the body and massaging the body are good for you. With anything in the world …. too much of anything can be bad. Enjoy life, try new experiences that are healthy, love today and all that it has to offer, keep your mind on the beauty of this world and try to be a part of adding to it and not letting all the bad stuff in your life be your focus bc that’s when we tend to forget how blessed we are to have a life to live. Love yourself. Work on your bodies, but don’t let that be all you think about or you will miss so much of life. Smile!! You are VALUABLE!!!!

  11. I just wanted to comment about why you think it’s not helping with your cellulite and why the woman whose arms looked great then got all lumpy. First of all according to Ashley Black there are different types of cellulite and if you are breaking up larger chunks it’s going to take quite a bite more time working them down and you will still seem lumpy till you keep breaking it down, she explains that really well in her videos . Also to the lady with the smooth arms you are what she types as beyond bound, so fascia bound that when you start it gets ugly before it gets better! Good news is you are freeing up your overworked muscles and joints and will ultimately get better ROM , strength and definition! So in other words ladies don’t stop and keep blasting!! Xoxo

    • Susan- Do you blast? If so, what are your results?

      I’ve seen the videos, follow AB on instagram and facebook, been researching and debating for quite some time now if I should order it but am hesitant when I read about the lumpiness, dizziness and nausea.

  12. Hi! I am having a nightmare here with my fasciablaster, which i bought in july. i bruised very badly with the first use- a very red purple bruise on the entire side of my thigh… the bruise faded to brown, so i blasted again maybe 10 more times over the span of a couple of months. the brown bruise mark is still there and it is now november. my thigh not only still has cellulite dents but has a lingering brown hue all over it. it does seem like some of the skin IS smoother. my thigh looks thinner, in fact it is now noticeably thinner than my other thigh, which i felt no inclination to blast because it looked fine. i only had cellulite on my right thigh, a few chunks and dents, so i was just trying to smooth out the right thigh. so now i have two different sized thighs that is noticeable in pants. the brown bruise is not good, in my opinion. I have used arnica on it, vitamin k, black seed oil, everything i can find for bruising. my last purchase was cream called hyruval 35 for post operative bruising and staining. i have been using it for 2 days. if anyone else has a bruise that has lingered, please share!

  13. I remember first becoming aware of the cellulite on my thighs in middle school. My years of embarrassment over my cellulite defined my negative body image regardless of my weight. I’m now 57 and have kept in good shape with yoga and a healthy diet. Still I hate wearing a bathing suit or shorts in public. I have not purchased this product yet. I would love an update to your story now that more time has passed. Thank you.

    • I won’t use it anymore because of decreased skin tone since I started using it. Not everyone that has used it experienced this, but I did so I am moving on. I understand the stress of it. Even when I was 100 lbs I had cellulite and it is terrible for something so insignificant to affect a person so much, especially when life is so short and we are not guaranteed any days.

      • I really appreciated reading yours and others experiences. I agree that there are more important things than cellulite to worry about and to appreciate in life. I am never going to look like my Barbie doll. End of story. Not saying I wouldn’t have liked hearing that the faciablaster had shown better results. That said, I can do better on some of my eating and lack of exercise choices. Improving my health is the ultimate goal. Love your site! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  14. I have had two blasters break claws off; one I got last week and it sadly broke on the second blasting. I also noticed exactly 0 difference in any cellulite changes and I am thin. I suppose if you think of it as a massage tool and don’t get attached to actually changing your body, if you don’t mind it breaking and waking weeks on end for a replacement, it might be helpful. I have used the mini on my neck and shoulders and it was helpful.

  15. So my question is how long does one blaster last? They are over $100 with tax and I don’t mind paying that but I want to make sure that it’s not something I’m going to have to buy on a regular basis.

  16. I’ve been dry brushing for over a year, I have noticed a slight change in cellulite, crepey skin not so much. I am doing it for lymphatic system health I’m also an avid rebounder which helps with the lymphs. I was considering the FB but am waiting for it to get over the craze status and pick one up at a yard sale for 10 bucks. Your review was very helpful in my decision thanks!

  17. I have struggled with cellulite since I can remember. I am trying the FB and will come back on what I think. As a first impression, it’s similar in its mechanism of action to velashape (IMO), which when done right, I have had some great results with. Always in conjunction with exercise and diet. Exercise and diet have never on their own been sufficient for me. Finally, for crepey skin, two products I really really recommend trying are Biooil (it’s South African, I’ve used it for years) and more recently eminence coconut firming cream. try them. It’s always amazing when a product actually works. I then start praying they don’t get bought out and change formula…

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