Turmeric helps acne?


My son inherited the acne gene from me, and at one point, his gorgeous face was dotted with inflamed bumps.  He had been prescribed medicine from a dermatologist, but the treatment was not working, and the dermatologist offered no alternatives except a $150 month’s supply of medicine that was actually the same medicine he had been using, only slightly more concentrated.  That is when I decided to go rogue.

I decided to spend an entire day researching the internet.  Surely someone, somewhere, had found something that worked!  I found two great resources.  On one site, the blogger expertly described the science behind acne and the steps in which it developed.  Being more geared towards science, this really helped me.  I was sure that you could apply a solution to each step in the development of acne to improve the condition of the skin.  One of the first things I learned was that washing your face with acne formulated soap would dry your skin, which causes your skin to over-produce sebum and dead skin cells – one of the steps in the formation of acne.  The first thing that had to go was his acne face wash.  Personally I ditched this a long time ago and now use nothing but water or honey.

I also found acne.org, where people posted their experiences with products that worked.  The natural solutions intrigued me the most, as now we had awful health insurance (that we still pay a huge chunk of our income for), and I had fired my son’s dermatologist.

Many people reported getting good results from using turmeric and honey as a skin mask.  Others reported good things from taking zinc supplements.  Immediately I started my son on both.  Unfortunately my son has a slight sensory disorder.  Even as a baby, his hands were never dirty, he never had sticky food on his hands or face from a meal.  This was not going to be easy….  And being a teenager made it worse.  The first night we put the paste on his face, he alternated between squirming and complaining about the feeling on his face, to throwing me dagger stares from behind his yellow face… his younger brother threatened to post the spectacle on Instagram, which resulted in threats of violence from my yellow-faced son.

He was relieved to wash the paste off his face, but not so relieved when he found that it stained his fingers.  The color didn’t stain his face too bad, but the yellow fingers were not good.  Still, the next day the bumps on his face looked much less red, although they were still there.  But the next day, his face was much clearer.  My son was suddenly not as adverse to using the mask.

I also used the mask on myself and had similar results.  I thought if turmeric is really this great for inflammation (one of the steps in the formation of acne), we should take it internally.  So we did.  After time, it became a hassle to continue the turmeric masks on my son.  It became necessary to do it right before a shower to avoid staining and we never seemed to time it right.  However, one day several weeks later I looked at him and noticed his skin showed a dramatic improvement.  He was still taking the turmeric internally, as well as the zinc.  He was still washing his face with only water and honey.

It has been about four years since we first went to the pediatrician about his acne, and then on to the dermatologist.  In the last few months, he has seen improvement on a scale that we never saw with dozens of medications and visits to the dermatologist.  Hey, if seeing the doctor and buying pharmaceuticals works for you – more power to you.  Acne is horrible to deal with.  At my age, I still have it and I have been through every drug and product there is, including Accutane.  But if you are tired of spending loads of money on products and medicine and doctor visits that do not work – give this is a try for a few months and see what you get!  I’d love to hear your experience.


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    • Hi Cindy. I just simply mixed organic, raw honey with enough turmeric to make a very thick paste. If it isn’t thick enough it will slide right off your face! No measurements, just eyeballing it. 🙂

  1. Turmeric is a great thing, glad to hear it is helping your son. If you haven’t tried I would recommend a liver detox, this worked great for my daughter. With in days her face was clearing up and the large pimples were vanishing and becoming less red. By the end of two weeks her face was completely clear.
    Good luck🤗

    • Hi Andrea. I just mixed the turmeric and honey into a very thick paste and spread it (with a spoon) over his (and my) face. If you make it too thin with too much honey it will slide right off the face. Using fingers to spread it is not recommended – it stains. I have him leave it on as long as tolerated and then scrub it off in the shower. Turmeric is pretty gritty so I expect it is a great exfoliant.

  2. Hello! May I ask what turmeric and zinc supplements you are using? And where you found them!
    Please and thank you!

    • Hi Nancy. I picked up the turmeric supplement from my health food store – the brand is Nature’s Way, standardized turmeric. Now, I have heard that turmeric is best absorbed when combined with pepper, so when I take the supplements with dinner (I always take supplements with dinner) I try to add ground pepper and/or cayenne pepper to the meal – easy for me because I love pepper!

      The zinc I believe I purchased at CVS – Nature’s Bounty.

      All just pretty generic brands. 🙂

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