Thicker, longer hair naturally? Part 2 and update


As I am on my quest to get thicker, longer hair naturally, last night I applied the castor oil to my roots, around the hair line and a little further in.  That oil is so thick I think I went through half a bottle trying to cover the front of my scalp.  I know some people cut it with a bit of coconut or jojoba oil to help it spread, but I was feeling lazy…

Today I am washing out the castor oil, rinsing with rice water, and spraying rosemary water at the roots as my hair dries.  I will continue this pattern twice a week (castor oil on scalp at night, wash the next day and rinse with rice water, and spray rosemary on the scalp).  And yes, I will only wash twice a week…. gasp!

Preparation and methods of use for some of my thicker, longer hair naturally experiment ingredients:

Rosemary Water

HOW TO PREPARE: Boil a small amount of water, add Rosemary sprigs and boil for 2 minutes.  Take off the heat and let it steep for at least ½ hour.  Pour into spray container.

METHOD OF USE: Spray on roots after washing and rice water rinse.  Massage into hair.

longer hair naturally
Rosemary steeping in pan

Rice Water Rinse

HOW TO PREPARE: Rinse a small handful of rice thoroughly or use organic rice.  Soak rice in several cups of water for at least for a couple of days.

 METHOD OF USE: After shampooing and lightly conditioning the ends, rinse hair with the fermented rice water. Catch the rice water in a bowl while rinsing and rerinse with the same rice water several times.  Squeeze out excess water, and wrap in a soft cotton t-shirt.

longer hair naturally
rice in water

Now there are many methods you can find to use the hair potions above, but these are the methods I am going to experiment with.  Perhaps in the future, I will experiment with other methods!

Have you been using rice water rinses or rosemary water on your hair?  Have you seen any benefits and what methods do you use?

*I should mention that I no longer blow dry my hair (at least most of the time), but let it dry naturally.  I think this may also reduce breakage which could help hair grow.

Look for my update Thicker, Longer Hair Naturally post about the Henna gloss coming soon.


I think there is something special about this rice rinse. Of course it didn’t magically grow shortly after one application but my hair was smoother, less tangled, and felt more voluminous.  It could just be that the picture quality is better in today’s picture as opposed to the starting picture… it could be that I was having a worse than normal hair day the day the first pic was taken.  It could be that I used a little more of my diy leave-in conditioner/detangler/gel… I don’t know.  Both times my hair was air-dried and simply combed.  I would have expected more frizz today as I was out running around in the humidity while it was drying, which usually turns me into a poodle!

Look at these side by side pics and see if you can tell a difference.

longer hair naturally
starting length of hair

longer hair naturally
hair after rice water rinse

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  1. I just discovered your blog today. It has been 3 months since you began this treatment. I have only used rice water once a week for the last 3 weeks. I discovered your site because I was searching for someone, anyone who has used rice water twice a week, as all the articles I have read the the videos I have watched prescribe using the method once a week. Many stated that the fermented water would be too harsh or strong to use more often. Several stated that it should be boiled to stop the fermentation process and then it should be watered down. I have been doing neither. Actually, I put my fermented rice water into small containers and freeze it. When I unthaw it, I can no longer detect the fermented smell.

    So what results have you experienced? Have you been consistent? Are you still using rice water and rosemary water? I hope you will give an update soon.

    • Thank you for reminding me I need to post an update! I stopped almost all of the treatments. I thought the initial rice water treatment did something great to my hair but now I think it was a fluke. Something dried my hair out fierce and caused a LOT of breakage – I think it was the rice water. The issue I had with the rice water is after fermenting for 24 hours it didn’t seem like anything was happening to the water so I placed it outside to ferment in the sun. BAD IDEA… when I brought it inside the next day I found little maggots floating in the water. So as an alternative that I have read about, I began boiling the rice and using the water from that. I probably should have stuck with the fermented rice water because I am thinking now that the boiled rice water is what dried out my hair.

      I think maybe the castor oil would have worked but it was ridiculously messy. I put some over some of my sparse eyebrow area and it grew back bushy… which didn’t really work out for me since I now have to pluck even more… lol. As for the rosemary water, the rosemary spray developed mold (even in the spray bottle) too soon all of the time so it was too difficult to keep using it frequently since I have to buy fresh rosemary each time. Perhaps freezing it as you did with the rice water would have been a solution for that problem. I have tried to grow rosemary so I always have fresh rosemary on hand but I always seem to kill the plant. The henna gloss treatment was fine but I can’t do it all of the time it will turn my hair too red.

      So, the castor oil seemed like it could have worked if you don’t mind sleeping with an oily head at night, which I did mind. Let me know how the rice water works for you. I may have to rework this experiment.

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