Easy cake bites for Valentine’s Day


These easy cake bites for Valentine’s Day (which really could be made any time of year, it just looks especially pretty for Valentine’s Day) will impress your sweetheart. The ingredients are mostly prepackaged and/or premade but assembled together to look like they were professionally made.

I normally make a big beautiful double layered cake with this recipe, however, I had difficulty finding a whole pan of premade brownies. Sam’s club has these little mini brownies so I thought I would make some bite sized desserts. The whole cake looks prettier, but these were cute and tasty all the same.

If you want to make it into a full cake it is easy! You simply press 1/2 of the soaked brownies into the bottom of a pan (I use a springform lined with wax paper), add your soaked, mashed berries, then your chocolate mousse, and another layer of each. Top with fresh raspberries and shaved white chocolate!

You can make this even better by making your own dense chocolate cake or brownie and your chocolate mousse from scratch, though it will take longer.

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Easy Cake Bites for Valentine's Day
Layers of dense cake, chocolate mousse, berries, chambord soaked cake, topped with white chocolate shavings.
Cuisine Dessert
Cuisine Dessert
  1. Take half of the raspberries, mash slightly and add a few splashes of Chambord, just enough to flavor, but not so that the raspberries become too liquid. Let soak
  2. Cut the mini brownies into a top half and a bottom half.
  3. Soak the brownie halves in a small amount of Chambord, just a minute is long enough for the liquor to soak in without the brownie becoming soggy, though it depends on the brand of brownie used. I recommend testing one first.
  4. Mix chocolate instant pudding mix an milk with whisk until thick. Add cool whip (1/2 of the container) and until mix until fluffy to make the chocolate mousse.
  5. Spread a small amount of the soaked, mashed raspberries onto a soaked brownie half. The more you put on, the better it tastes, in my opinion, but also the messier it looks.
  6. Top the brownie half with about a tablespoon full of the chocolate mouse on top of the mashed raspberry. If you want it to look neater, you can pipe the mousse on top using a frosting bag.
  7. With a vegetable peeler, carefully shave a few small slices along the edge of the chocolate bar over the mousse to create chocolate curls. Add a fresh raspberry to the top of the mousse.
  8. Chill for several hours before serving so that the flavors blend and the cake bites firm up.
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