Oil Cleansing Method – Should you try it? I did


Should you try the Oil Cleansing Method?

Yes. I did try the oil cleansing method, and although I did not have 100% success with it, I believe everyone should try it. Why? Simply because when I was doing it I looked like 5 years had been erased from my face! After about a week or two of cleansing with the oil cleansing method, I messaged my sisters and told them: “You HAVE to try this!” My face was soft, my large pores were shrinking, my blackheads – GONE! And my skin glowed!

So why wasn’t I 100% successful? My curse – cystic acne. The areas of my face prone to cystic acne reacted somewhat violently to the oil cleansing method. And I tried several formulations of oil. Meanwhile, the rest of my skin looked radiant. My son tried it as well and his face violently erupted with cystic acne too.

If you are not cystic-acne prone, I do not believe there is another product on earth that would be this wholesome and this beautifying for the face. I still use it occasionally but I concentrate on the areas of my skin that do not typically erupt in cystic acne. Most of the time I cleanse with water only or occasionally honey as I have found that doing so results in the least amount of acne overall (and I have tried EVERYTHING imaginable). Unfortunately water or honey doesn’t do what the oil cleansing method does for pores and blackheads.

How to do the Oil Cleansing Method

Start with Castor Oil, add in other oils of choice. Some use jojoba, avocado, grapeseed, coconut, or olive oil. It all depends on your skin. If you are acne prone I wouldn’t use anything but Castor Oil as some of the other oils may make you break out. Research the comedogenic potential of different oils. If you have dry skin or skin that does not break out, you may be able to get away with olive oil.

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Rub the oils into your face, leave on for a minute or two then place a hot, wet, steamy towel over your face to begin removing the oil. This seems to be the most difficult part, as sometimes faucets do not get hot enough to make the towel steamy. In that case, you may try steaming your face directly or quickly place a hot, wet towel over the steam of some boiling water for a second or two to capture the steam (be careful not to touch the towel to the burner – risk of fire!!!)(also be careful that the towel is not so hot that it burns the face). Use the towel several times to remove the oil.

I’d love to hear your experience with the Oil Cleansing Method. Is it working for you? Have you tried it?

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