Henna gloss – Thicker, longer hair naturally update – Part 3


So today I applied my very first henna gloss and it wasn’t nearly as messy as everyone warned. In fact, it was a lot messier than a typical dye.  Last night I applied castor oil to the front part of my scalp before bed and this morning applied the henna gloss right over the castor oil, and left it for 20 minutes.  I then rinsed it out in the shower, shampooed, conditioned, rinsed with rice water and followed up with the rosemary scalp spray.

Initially I thought the henna gloss made my hair feel thicker.  While I rinsed it out I felt as if there was more total volume to my hair than usual.  It felt as if the strands of hair were swollen and I could tell by the hair that was collecting on my comb that the hair looked thicker in diameter.  However, my hair doesn’t visually appear any thicker and it now dry, does not feel thicker.

This is supposed to be a conditioning type of treatment, though when I began to rinse it out it felt like the henna dried my hair out.  My hair seemed to soak up the conditioner like a sponge and I couldn’t seem to use enough.  Combing my usually gnarled and tangled hair was a little easier than normal but  I attribute that to the rice water rinse.  My hair definitely felt less dry after rinsing with the fermented rice water.  The final difference I noticed today is that my hair wants to curl more than usual and is frizzier.  It could be the humidity level but honestly every day here is crazy humid so I don’t know.  The good news is that my hair definitely feels softer, is a bit shinier and the ends look less damaged when inspected closely.

Although I used a red henna for the henna gloss I do not see much of a change in color.  That is because I did not leave the henna for a long time to set up, only 15-20 minutes, and I only left it on my hair for about 20 minutes.  I wouldn’t mind an additional slight hint of red but I must admit that I was getting pretty nervous as the mud color on my head started changing from puke green to copper orange.  I’m so happy that I tried a henna gloss instead of a full henna treatment because I feel like the full treatment might have turned my hair bright orange.  I just have the sheerest coppery color applied that I could possibly get and I am happy with that for now, especially since it lightly covered my grays.

Overall I’m not dissatisfied with the henna gloss but I think the rice water is the crown jewel for conditioning the hair so far.  Next time I may leave on the henna for a bit longer.

Henna gloss preparation

I consulted hairbuddha.net (isn’t that the coolest name for a blog?) for tips on the henna gloss.  Ultimately this is the basic henna gloss recipe I changed up a bit from her site:

4 tablespoons red henna

1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

1 egg

2 tablespoons olive oil


I first mixed the red henna with enough warm water to make a yogurt-like consistency and then added about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. After letting it set for 15 minutes I added the egg and olive oil.  I mixed it up well and applied the mixture to my hair starting at the roots and working down to the ends.  I used plastic gloves but hairbuddha says oiled hands work well to avoid staining.  Although my hair was oiled up from the night before next time I will not do it that way.  My hair became too tangled from the oil so I will apply it to dry hair next time.  I will probably add some of hairbuddha’s other recommended ingredients next time as well.

Have you tried a henna gloss?  If so, did you get good results and what recipe did you use?

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