Have the women of the world been given the cure for cellulite? part 2


So I patiently waited for my Fascia Blaster to come in the mail.  By the time I had decided to order the Fascia Blaster, the Facebook group had swollen from about a thousand participants to over five thousand!  Every woman had convinced three or four of their friends to buy it.

There were stories of other types of magic… toxins being removed from the body, saggy skin suddenly firming.  I became one of the hundreds of women that were waiting anxiously for the device to arrive, checking my doorstep, signing up for UPS shipment notifications, and lamenting in the group that mine hadn’t arrived yet.  But 8 days later it showed up.  It was finally here!

Now is the part where I get to my first “blasting” session.  But before I do, I have to say something truly miraculous did happen before the device even showed up.  I realized that I have spent my entire life looking at my body in the wrong light.  After a lifetime of seeing images of perfectly smooth, thin models, I became to view my normal body as freakish.  This persisted for many years.  I truly thought I was unique that I had cellulite and a saggy belly from pregnancy.  But after a short amount of time seeing these before-and-after photos of normal, beautiful women, I saw all kinds of bodies, with degrees of the “problems” that I too was hiding.  It was then that I realized that my “problems” weren’t freakish, they were shared by thousands of average women.  Does it make me want to return the Fascia Blaster?  No… but I do look at myself in a kinder light.  To those of you who have always known this, congratulations, you’ve achieved one of the best things you can as a woman.  To the rest of us, well….

So the first thing I did with my Fascia Blaster naturally is made my husband strip and blasted his belly. I told him he was my first guinea pig.  He wasn’t excited, but like most everything, he went along for the ride.  He said it didn’t hurt, and I was surprised, as most women complained that blasting was excruciating.  Many women were also complaining of dizziness and nausea after as well.  My hubby just happily went back to work with no complaints and I laid the Fascia Blaster aside for when I was done working.

That night I ran myself a nice, long, hot bath.  It is recommended to blast when your body is very warm, though many women frequently complain about dizziness and nausea when blasting with a warm body.  Some women even complained that they had vomited!  I got out of the tub and began blasting.  It was actually quite difficult, and somewhat of a workout to maneuver the long device over curvy parts of the body.  I was awkward at first, and starting to get dizzy!  So I plopped myself onto the bed and my dizziness went away, and I found it was much easier to maneuver the device around my legs and belly this way.
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Here is one piece of good news:  It didn’t hurt.  It should have… I have suffered with painful pebbly bumps under my legs for years.  We’re talking sore to the slight touch pain, bump my leg with anything and I cry pain.  Now the first time I rolled the Fascia Blaster over those bumps there was a slight twinge, but it turned into a deep “itch” that begged for more blasting!  It was like one of those mosquito bites that itches so bad you can’t stop scratching it, even though it hurts, it still feels good to scratch.  But it wasn’t my skin itching, it was those little gravelly bumps under the skin!  I must have blasted for 45 minutes.  I was elated, I felt great!  The middle of the night I woke up sore as hell though, polka dotted with tiny bruises everywhere.  And slightly nauseated.  My hubby also admitted that he was slightly nauseated throughout the day as well.  I slathered on the arnica gel and patiently awaited the soreness to go away so I could do my next blast.

So what were the results of my first blast?  Well…. I didn’t look any less cellulite-y… and I certainly didn’t shrink a size.  In fact, everything seemed kind of swollen.  But I knew going into it that this was a long haul type of treatment.  Some ladies saw results after 3 blasts, others, 3 months.

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  1. So what is the results of your cellulite now that you have had ti.e to use this product? Please let me know. Your post seems to be the only one not sponsored by Ashley Black.

    • Hi Elena, check out my part 3 post. Did it help my muscles? Not so much… there were benefits however. See my post for details!

  2. Yours is the only review I could find that seems to have not been sponsored. I’m really curious as to what your verdict is.
    And do you need to blast for 45 mins everyday?

    • Hi Mel.. I agree about the sponsored posts which is why my very first blog post was about the fascia blaster. I have posted part 3, which details the benefits I saw and more importantly, did not see.

  3. So, are you still using the blaster? I would like to hear, two months after this article was posted, if you stayed with it and how the results were ?

  4. Have you kept it up? Noticed any difference? I recently discovered it online and am tempted to order it.

  5. Are you still using the Facia Blaster? If so how long?
    How are your results?
    I’m exactly how you were in the beginning, everything you said I thought of !! Lol
    I’ve never seen a picture that totally convinced me.
    Do you have pics?

    • Hi Jennifer – check out my part 3 post. I know everyone has anxiously awaited result and there you will see my honest opinion!

  6. Are you still using the Fascia Blaster? If so, please let me know your results. I want to buy it but am skeptical.

  7. This was posted in March…what has happened with the fascia blaster? Are things much improved? Do you still have the sore to touch legs…a complaint I have.

    • Tami, part 3 has just been posted. I am happy to say that the biggest benefit I have seen is that my legs are no longer sore to the touch!!

  8. Hello! I’m very curious to know how this is working for you as there are no other neutral blog posts about this product. Let me know!

  9. I been debating on tying this miracle product and was just wondering if you ever saw any results for the fascia blaster?

  10. This is exactly the type of article I’ve been looking for-thank you! I feel exactly how you felt about whether to buy the fascia blaster or not and trying to assess the available information. It is a bit pricy so I want to know it’s going to be a good investment. Have you seen any further results, if any, since you last posted?

  11. I’m curious to how your progress is going. As you were quite hesitant but very intrigued to buy the product and I’m not quite sure if I should purchase or not. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you kindly! D

    • Hi Dee – check out my update post, part 3. Keep in mind my results are just the results of one person. Right now it is difficult to find a lot of independent reviews out there.

  12. Now that you’ve had the FB for a while, what do you think of it? Have you seen better results? I am like you-searching for honest reviews everywhere. Please please let me know how this has worked for you, and if it was worth the money.

  13. Will you be publishing a part 3? I’m curious to hear your final review of the product. Thanks for testing this out for us.

  14. Hi,
    Now that you have had the Fascia Blaster for a few months, what are your thoughts? I am very skeptical and looking for an honest review. I cannot find any reviews online of people that had used it ongoing. It is really expensive if it doesn’t work. Thanks.

    • Hi Marilyn. Check out my part 3 post for my results! Not as I had hoped but at least there were a few good things.

  15. So then what happened??? I am skeptical of the fascia blaster so would love to hear the rest of your experience!

    • Hi Rosemary. I did continue to use the fascia blaster and I continue to use it! Check out my part 3 post. 🙂

    • Hi Krista. I’m still at it with the fascia blaster. Check out my part 3 post for the benefits I did and did not see. I’m not done with using it, and I will post a final part 4 after several months of use.

  16. So, did you try the fascia blaster anymore after the first time? I’ve seen the videos & would like to know.. Thanks!

  17. Did you do anymore with the fascia blaster after the 1st treatment? I’ve watched the videos but would like to know some results that aren’t on Facebook.. Thanks!

    • Hi Dana, I did many, many more treatments! Check out part 3 for my 3 month conclusions. I will post a final part 4 after several months of use.

  18. OK, it’s been 3 months, where’s Part 3? I’m dying to know your results. I too am skeptically looking into this device with much doubt, but I am really curious how it all turned out for you.

  19. I am curious how the fascia blaster is working out for you. I have been thinking about purchasing one but have been hesitate because I can’t find a review that is not sponsored by their site. Thanks!

  20. Hi – just doing some research myself on the blaster and came across your blog. So, now it is 3+ months later, what do you think of it? Worth the money…or will any comparable blaster on the market due (there are lots)….Thanks in advance!

  21. Help- I am so itchy and have bump-like rashes every where. What can I do to get rid of them. I have never had this before. Please help. I am so uncomfortable in my skin.

  22. Hi, I am reading your blog about fascia blaster, love your style of writing. I have been researching if the device works or not and aw your blog. As I am reading your blog, I thought to myself…this girl will tell it like it is! What happened to you and your husband? You left us hanging… did you get the results you hoped? Did it work for you? Thank you

    • Thank you Janice! What a lovely thing to hear. Well, I just posted an update and as you said, I tell it like it is! Check out my post, part 3. As for my hubby, he tolerated a total of 2 or 3 blasts before he pretty much resisted enough to make it not worth the effort… 🙂

  23. Is there a part 3 to this? What happened after your first session? And how long did you continue to use the blaster? What results did you and your husband have?

  24. Well? Results? I went to the “next” button and it took me to a post about Acne…. did I miss a link to the follow up this?

  25. Hi,

    I’m wondering if the fascia blaster ended up working in the long run?

    I know you must have thousands asking.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

  26. I’m one of those women, like yourself, researching this thing to death before makimg a purchase. I was really hoping for an “end” to your review. Where’s your update? Did you continue blasting? Was it too time consuming? Did it hurt too much? Has it changed your life?

    • Hi Annie. My part 3 post is up! Yes, very time consuming. It hurt at first but it actually helped lessen pain I was having in the long run.

  27. The reason it works? You are bruising, beating up your skin ,causing it to swell up. That’s why it ends up looking smoothe.

    • Hi Sue, I agree, you do get quite swollen when using it. I did see some other strange benefits that I am cannot for the life of me figure out why the fascia blaster would influence. Check out my post 3 for details.

  28. Hello fellow FB’er… I read about your son’s acne problem and I have the best product for him to use. I have a side skin care business with Rodan and Fields. Have you heard of the company. Check out my website.. click the link and it will take you to our unblemish regimen. Let me know if you have questions? Good luck with your FB, i’ve done mine 4 time now and i’m covered in bruises…


    • Unfortunately I have heard that this has been an issue, but it appears that the owner is trying to work out the kinks. The product became an overnight sensation I believe and demand suddenly went sky high. Hopefully for her sake and those that want to try the device, those issues will get worked out if they haven’t already.

  29. So did you ever see results? Can you give more details about the process as far as how often you did it and how long it took to see results. Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly. Check out my part 3 post. I blasted almost every day, a few minutes per area. Often I would work out with weights, or a long walk. Then I would take a very hot bath and blast while in the tub. I do think the fascia blasting torches some calories! So it is worth trying since you are at least getting that benefit. 🙂

  30. Hi, did you continue to use the fascia blaster? Any results? I am curiou,, as I too am thinking of purchasing.

  31. Hi, I’m anxiously awaiting Part 3 of your review of the Fascia Blaster. Are you going to post it soon?

    • Hi Sasha. I just posted an update and I continue to use the fascia blaster and will post another in a few more months.

  32. Hey… I’m vivian, I am going crazy searching for info on this.. I saw the it’s and it’s amazing…. but tell me did it work ?

  33. The Fasciablaster has changed my life. I have been anorexic for 27+ years. I am in year six of recovery. I went from skin-on-bones dying to the body of a woman, and I really didn’t know how to feel in it. I’m a weight lifter and was not getting the results I should have been. I hated my legs with the “cellulite” look even with all the heavy lifting. Honestly, I hated my body so much it was causing problems with my marriage. My husband hated the way I talked about his wife. The FB was an answer to prayer. I have been blasting since August 2015. I was what is called beyond bound. It’s the hardest type of fascia to get “unbound”. I have made a ton of progress. I don’t hate on my body anymore. My workouts are more productive. Muscles are firing that hadn’t for years. I could go on and and on. There isn’t a day that fascia is not discussed in my family. It is literally the holy grail of living healthy. I thank God and Ashley Black for the FB.

    • Janette that is amazing and honestly stories like yours keep me using the fascia blaster. I have had cellulite since I was 13 when I too also suffered with an eating disorder. There have been other benefits I have seen from using the fascia blaster, including that my legs were very painful to the touch before using and they are not anymore. I am very happy to hear that you have found something that has made you so happy! 🙂

  34. Is this the entire article ending with “Some ladies saw results after 3 blasts, others, 3 months’? I was hoping there was more information after your first blast. I am skeptical as well but want to try it.

  35. I can’t seem to find a part three, and it’s been quite a few months already… Any results? updates? Thanks!

  36. Hi. Now that you’ve had it some time, is it something you’ve been really impressed with? Do you highly recommend it? So curious. I am thinking about buying one.

    • Hi Tammy. I am not unhappy with my purchase, there were some benefits. Check out my update post, part 3, and let me know what you think.

    • Hi Sylvia, check out my post in part 3 for all the glorious details. There were good things and some things that weren’t that good.

  37. ok, i read parts 1 & 2 on the Fascia Blaster, and was wanting to know more of your results.. this was such a good start then nothing..
    did you keep using it ? did it work ?? your thoughts ??

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