Elderberry gummies – natural cold remedy


There isn’t any home care or holistic remedy that I have valued more than elderberry.  I first learned about it when I was coming down with numerous viral illnesses a year, each lasting several weeks.  At one point I think I spent more of the year sick than healthy.  The old Zicam nasal swabs helped a little at one point but then they were discontinued.  I did not find any of the other zinc lozenges to be of help.  Then I heard of elderberry – I tucked that knowledge away for my very next cold.

So the time came, I could tell by the itchy tickling in the back of my throat accompanied by sinus drainage and sudden fatigue that a cold was coming on. I’ve been sick so frequently that I know in an instant.  So I headed to the drugstore in the hopes of finding some elderberry. I found one product made by Sambucol.  They were powdery sweet little pellets that dissolved in your mouth.  Within a few minutes after taking the Sambucol, the tickle was gone.  I repeated this cat-and-mouse game with the tickle in my throat and taking the Sambucol for two or three days until the Sambucol finally won: Tickle gone!

This has happened multiple times now.  The rest of the family will get sick and I will battle it out with Sambucol, or another elderberry product.  I have gone from being the one who is always sick, to being the one that usually escapes the family virus.  I don’t always win, rarely do I succumb, but in those cases I typically stopped taking the elderberry before I was done with the battle. One must be vigilant! And it doesn’t seem to be as effective for some people, like my youngest son, but I think I would cry if I didn’t have access to elderberry.

Currently I buy my elderberry in concentrated liquid form.  I’m not the biggest fan of drinking it, so I made these gummies.  I added raw honey to the mix because of its anti-septic properties and to make the gummies more palatable, but xylitol or stevia could be used.

Preparation of elderberry gummies

3 packets Knox gelatin

1/4 cup elderberry concentrate

2/3 cup boiling water

2 tablespoons honey

1 teaspoon lemon juice

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Mix the elderberry concentrate and gelatin until dissolved. Add the boiling water and stir in the honey.  Pour into a glass pan or gummy mold that has been slightly rubbed with coconut oil.  Refrigerate overnight and remove gummies from mold or cut into squares if in glass container.  Store in a jar or plastic container.  I eat one every four hours while awake as soon as I get the faintest hint that a cold is coming on.

Alternatively – try Sambucol. I still use it when I am too lazy to make my own gummies!
The above link is an Affiliate link. If you purchase the product above I may get a small fee for advertising the product. See my affiliate disclosure here.

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